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Communism (from Latin communis - common, universal), defined broadly, is a form of society in which there are no classes, no money, no state, and the means of production (tools, work materials, etc.) are held in common by all people. The word can also refer to the revolutionary movement whose aim is to create that form of society, or to the theory used in the movement.

The idea of communism is very old, and can be traced back at least as far as Plato (4th century BCE) and to early religious communes. In modern times, the idea gained a following in France in the years immediately after the 1789-1815 Revolution. It was by these French radicals that Karl Marx, communism's most famous theorist, was led to take up the idea.

Marx developed an analysis in which communism inevitably supercedes the present form of socio-economic organisation, capitalism, through a process of class struggle which is driven forward by changes in the technological basis of the economy. (See Historical materialism.) He predicted that the working class, or proletariat, would grow to be of enormous size under capitalism, and would rise up to throw off the rule of the parasitic capitalist class which lives off of the workers' labour. After the overthrow, a transitional stage which Marx called the dictatorship of the proletariat, and which has also sometimes been referred to as the socialist stage, would be necessary in which counter-revolution by the newly dispossessed capitalists would be guarded against, production shifted to production for use rather than production for profit, and the greedy, acquisitive states of mind fostered by capitalism, along with commodity fetishism and the reification of consciousness, would gradually fade away and attitudes of mutuality and egalitarianism, corresponding to the new relations of production, would take hold. Finally, the stage of communism would be reached, in which people would cooperate with each other on the principle, `from each according to her ability, to each according to her need', and since there would be no exploitation of the labour of one person by another, there would be no classes, no class rule or class oppression, and no need for a state whose function is to defend and implement class rule. ( Full article...)

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Vladimir putin2.jpg 27 December 2021

Russia warns of NATO's 'military colonisation' of Ukraine

“There is active military colonisation of Ukrainian territory", said Russian Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko, who added that "the deployment of foreign military bases is prohibited under Ukraine’s constitution."

“It is called differently, but actually there is active military colonisation of Ukrainian territory with which Russia has the longest border. This, undoubtedly, causes our serious concern,” she said.

“So far there are no real specific steps to remove our justified concerns, those worries that we express. Nato continues to move to our borders, now right up to them,” she said. UK Morning Staer

Left eco2.png 22 March 2021 Indigenous peoples in Yucatan, Mexico protest against planned solar and hydroelectric projects. Inter Press News Service
Wang yi crop.jpg March 15, 2021 US is an ‘out-and-out eavsdropping empire,’ says Beijing, as Washington lists Huawei and 4 other Chinese companies as security threats.
Nicolas Maduro election 2018.jpg May 20, 2018 Nicolas Maduro reelected president of Venezuela.
Protest march in Jakarta, Indonesia - 20070501.jpg May 1, 2018 May Day
Canadian Syria demonstration 2018.png April 14, 2018 International protests against rocket attack on Syria by U.S. war criminals. Syrian CP statement
Acacia dealbata.jpg March 8 International Women's Day
International Meeting C W P 19th.jpg Nov 2-3, 2017 International Meeting of Communist and Worker's Parties held in St Petersburg, Russia. [1]



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