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You will find three key criteria need that is you’ll think of before getting into your property search:

Price – how much can you afford to invest per month/week?
Location – where would you like to live?
Size – how many rooms do you would like? Do some of them need to be doubles?

Where should I live and what can I look for?

This can sometimes feel daunting, particularly if you’re new to renting though you’ll need to know how many bedrooms you require, price and location in order to search for a property.

In order to make this part of the process easier, ask yourself the questions that are following

Should you be near any specific transport links?
How far do you wish to travel to work?
What distance are you willing to travel to meet friends?
Exactly what can you love regarding the present house?
Exactly what are the things you don’t like regarding the present house that you would like to prevent the next occasion?
Exactly what are the ‘must haves’ that will make your next home feel just like home?
Exactly what amenities do you want on your own door action?
Just how long do you wish to remain in the next property?
You need to get to regularly if you have hobbies, is there somewhere?
Would you like to furnish the property yourself or get it already furnished?
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The landlord must…

Maintain the exterior and structure of the home.

Fit smoke alarms on every floor and carbon monoxide alarms in rooms with appliances using fuels that are solid such as coal and wood – and work out sure they've been working in the beginning of one's tenancy. If they're maybe not there, pose a question to your landlord to install them.

Cope with any nagging problems with water, electricity and gasoline supply.

Maintain any devices and furniture they have provided.

Carry out many repairs. If one thing just isn't working, report it to your agent or landlord as soon as you can.

Arrange an gas that is annual check by a Gas Safe engineer (where there are any gas appliances).

Get a licence for the property in case it is a property that is licensable.

Plus the landlord should…

Insure the building to cover the expenses of any harm from flooding or fire.